Full Council May

Full Council of 15th May started with the re-election of Cllr Pat Harvey as Chairman of the council for 2012-13. There were many questions asked by members regarding the failure of the new waste contract but bearing in mind recent problems locally I asked (of the Leader in the absence of the Planning portfolio holder)

As major breaches of planning procedures seem to happen at weekends and bank holidays, is it possible to have an officer on duty with the authority to issue a temporary stop notice to enable protection of our environment and heritage.  The Leader replied that he thanked me for a helpful suggestion and was aware of the situation which had prompted it. We shall see whether the officer is made available.

The major talking point of the day was the Stadium for Cornwall. The issue really brought home the lack of any decision making powers available to ordinary councillors. During the debate on the question it became very clear that councillors had not seen a business case or in fact any information to support putting public money into this venture,which was always supposed to be an entirely private one. The only option was to ask for further information or say no to public investment of 10 million pounds, when we are being told that services to the old, the sick and young people must be cut because there is no money. The decision was to vote NO. Now it is being made clear that should the cabinet decide otherwise they can go ahead and spend this money anyway. I say again that democracy does not exist within Cornwall Council.