We have just spent the weekend pulling Himalayan Balsam and I’m tired and achey, however I am also really pleased with the brilliant start we have made to this seasons work. Sixteen of us worked a total of 68hours. People came and went over the course of the 4 sessions to fit around their own timetables and this meant that so much got done. More than one arrived with the words “well I can stay for an hour” but in truth stayed for more than two. It was lovely to have some newcomers to the area join us for the first time and some longer term residents who have decided to help out when they can. Darite village group also have our thanks for their sterling work. Pictures of the weekend can be found on the St Cleer Parish Projects website.

Congratulations to Liskeard on their success in the Portas challenge. I was pleased to write in support of their bid and will expect great things of the town in time to come.

Waste collections now appear to be working in a much better fashion and I thank all who have kept me up to date on that issue. I look forward to joining communities in all three parishes over the next week or so to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.