Waste and other issues

Many of you have been in touch over missed waste and recycling collections. I have hopefully been able to sort these issues out, but if you are continuing to have problems please let me know as I have a direct contact to help with this. Dog bins not being emptied is due to a major flaw in the way the contract was drawn but when reported action has speedily followed. Once again let me know and I will get fast track action.

On the subject of dog fouling – It is possible for paid or volunteer members of the community to be trained as wardens to enforce the laws. They are then able to issue fixed penalty notices and the money collected is split between the Parish Council and Cornwall Council. Cornwall keeps 20%, as they would need to prosecute for any unpaid penalties and that sum overall would cover those costs, the parish would receive 80% to cover their costs.

Hedgerows and Heritage. Discussions are proceeding as to the way forward to preserve the World Heritage Site within the parish of St Cleer.

Welfare Reform – I am increasingly worried over some of the outcomes of this. Yes I agree that reform is needed but the implications particularly for younger people are potentially disastrous. Through the Overview and Scrutiny function we will be holding a briefing for all councillors so that they will fully understand ready for the increase in casework which I believe will follow the introduction of the new rules.