Wind Turbines and Solar Panels

As a member of the planning committee I do not and must not have a view to express, I look at applications individually. Each application must be determined according to the policies which apply. The Planning Committee judges each application which comes before them in this way and some are approved and some refused. There is no blanket approval or ban but a consideration of the specifics of that application. Not all turbine applications go to the planning committee.

If you would like to read the policies currently in use in Cornwall please follow this link  and to see the type of report we receive to help us make a decision

follow Agenda details on public web site .

When applications are approved there are always two conditions to that approval. One is that the turbine must be removed at the end of 25 years and the land restored. The second is that if the turbine breaches the noise regulations it must be switched off.

There is an emphasis within Local Government on ‘Localism’ and devolving decision making to the lowest tier possible. It is not possible to properly establish the views of the entire parish without conducting a referendum at a disproportionate cost (around £4000 each time). Therefore I listen to the views of the Parish Council of 11 people to represent the Parish.

Although a large number of people have objected to this application, they are a comparatively small percentage of the 760 electorate.

In general the system I follow is to listen to the views expressed by Parish Councillors and the way they reach their decisions. These are firmly based on planning policy. If they and the planning officer agree then a delegated decision is issued. When they don’t agree the officer will contact both me and the council to explain the reasons for their view and ask the parish council to reconsider, if at this stage I believe the council has good planning reasons for their opinion and they continue to hold those views the application will go to the planning committee for determination. The council has a very short window in which to express their opinion as it is necessary to call a meeting to deliberate the application and an answer needs to be returned within 3 weeks of the application being accepted by Cornwall Council.