A New Year – A New Challenge

This has been a very interesting and a very busy year.  Im afraid that my website has been shamefully neglected whilst I have been a multiple visitor each day to Facebook. I suppose Facebook is more immediate and enables proactive contact with a wide range of people. It is a brilliant way to keep the local community in touch with events and issues in the locality.

The Website is perhaps, in light of the above, a better place to put permanent statements and things which need to be available for the long term rather than the transient news item.

Having decided to give up my seat at Truro representing St Cleer Division, I thoroughly endorse Martin Eddy as a candidate to the voters of the three parishes, I know he will do a brilliant job as your Cornwall Councillor if you give him your support on May 4th.

Many of the electors of the Division will already know Martin from the days when he was the Project Manager of the Minions Area Heritage project, from where he went on to Localism at Cornwall Council as an Network Area Manager. Once he retired I asked whether he might be interested in standing and now he is the Liberal Democrat’s candidate here.