Political Activities

Since becoming a Cornwall Councillor there have been actions on the part of the administration to which I am totally opposed and some which I can support

I was unable to support the budget for 2012 because I was so opposed to the 40% cut to funding for supporting people. This is the provision of services to the most vulnerable in our society and I feel that that opposition was well founded as I am now hearing of people remaining homeless because landlords will not take them without those support services. I slept out, in minus degree conditions, in front of New County Hall together with Alex Folkes and Ann Kerridge two of our other Lib Dem councillors and Steve Gilbert, the MP for St Austell and Newquay. About 80 people in all took part.

Sleep out against Supporting People cuts

I have been dismayed by the lack of any influence back bench councillors have on the decisions which are all made by the few members who form the cabinet. Scrutiny is able to look at these decisions and make recommendations but at the end of the day there is no way to stop any actions they decide upon.

I therefore involved myself with those areas where I might be able to do some useful work, particularly around the Housing workstream and watched the setting up of the new management structure with a keen and critical gaze. However I must say here that the level of consultation with tenants in that process was all I could possibly wish for. I have been a member of the Cornwall Housing Board since its beginning

I am a member of the Liberal Democrats at Cornwall Council. We are currently in coalition with the Independants and have the largest group in the Council

Locally I am a member of the South East Cornwall Constituency Party and currently its Chairman.