Parish Projects Group

Heritage Lottery Project in General Cemetery

St Cleer Parish Projects Group was set up in 1998 to organise the Millennium celebrations and has remained to enable projects of benefit to the people of the parish.

We have completed a variety of works and always enjoyed ourselves whist doing them. Please explore our website to find out more about our group

If there is a project which you think would make a difference in St Cleer please let us know.

Unfortunately the Parish Projects Group decided to disband at the end of the Pipewell Project as there did not seem to be anyone willing to take up the banner and continue doing the type of projects which we had undertaken in the past

  1. Democracy in Cornwall

    There are basically two historic reasons for the current situation which empowers the Cabinet to ride roughshod over any democratic opinion in Cornwall Council. The first was a referendum in 2000 where people in Cornwall were asked what sort of governance they preferred. The options were 1. to keep the...
  2. Musings

    We have just spent the weekend pulling Himalayan Balsam and I’m tired and achey, however I am also really pleased with the brilliant start we have made to this seasons work. Sixteen of us worked a total of 68hours. People came and went over the course of the 4 sessions...