Cornwall Council

All Councillors are expected to attend full meetings of the Council which take place at 6 weekly intervals. As well as full Council there are Portfolio Advisory Committees and two Scrutiny functions.

In Truro, I am Vice Chairman of the Scrutiny Management Committee and also sit on the Communities Portfolio Advisory Committee

I am a member of East Area Planning Committee. This covers the half of Cornwall eastwards from a line from Fowey to Padstow. This Committee meets monthly, meetings start at 2pm and continue until all items on the agenda have been determined (however if there is a long agenda start times are pulled forward and may start as early as 10am). Planning decisions have such an impact on the area, it is vital that those decisions are right. Once a building is up, it is there for all the future, it cannot be undone.


I represent Cornwall Council on several outside bodies

I attend the meetings of the Parish Councils each month in St Cleer, St Neot and Warleggan unless a clash of meetings prevents this.

  1. Planning policies

    This weeeks council meeting was called to discuss the policies in the Cornwall Local Plan which we were asked to agree for consultation before it goes to the Planning Inspectorate. The main issues were around renewable energy and the number of new houses which will be required throughout Cornwall in...