Three Parishes

As a councillor I am expected to attend the Parish Council meetings of St Cleer and St Neot and the Parish Meetings of Warleggan. I attend whenever possible but sometimes the three weekly cycle of Planning Committee meetings clashes with the regular 2nd and 4th Wednesdays which are the dates for St Neot and St Cleer.  Warleggan being a Parish Meeting are only obliged to hold an AGM but will meet if there is an issue or planning application that needs discussion. In the last two years I have been proud to act as a judge at the carnivals and have thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I also attend events across the area. If you would like to talk to me about something please come and do so. I welcome contacts in an informal setting as people are sometimes more comfortable in this way.

  1. Democracy in Cornwall

    There are basically two historic reasons for the current situation which empowers the Cabinet to ride roughshod over any democratic opinion in Cornwall Council. The first was a referendum in 2000 where people in Cornwall were asked what sort of governance they preferred. The options were 1. to keep the...