Forward looking

Well I have an extra busy couple of weeks coming up. Next weekend will see the start of pulling up Himalayan Balsam at the Projects Group site in Higher Tremarcoombe. A two day effort with sessions 10 – 1 and 2 – 5 each day and followed by a barbeque on both days. A sessions work will get you a ticket for a free hot dog or burger. There will be soft drinks for children but adults need to bring their own favorite tipple. We shall have a portable toilet (will be installed on my front lawn), and provide hot and cold drinks and biscuits in the break. All are welcome as the work is easy to do and more people means we can get further ahead.

The following weekend is of course given over to Jubilee celebrations and I hope to be able to attend most of the events in the division. All three parishes have different types of celebration and they are all luckily on different days. If you have anything you want to speak to me about please come up to me and introduce yourself.

Hopefully the waste contract is beginning to settle in, its about time, however I must thank the Councils waste contract manager for his help. Since I have been in touch with him action seems to be much speedier. If you are still having problems please email or phone with name, address including post code and the problem. If you include your phone number Cory will be able to contact you. Email is best because I can forward it directly to the people who sort the problems out.It would be helpful if having reported a problem you also report when it is sorted as well as if it isn’t.