Future of St Cleer and Cornwall

The month has been busy so far both locally and in Truro.

I was much involved in the Charter Fair in Liskeard which ran during Carnival week to add interest to the programme run by the LIons. Walks were run by various member groups of the Caradon Heritage Partnership around Golitha and the Phoenix area at Minions. Events in Liskeard on Carnival Saturday (5th July) included a “Wild West, Liskeard” walk and a geological exploration of the town,  Street Theatre by Play it Again Theatre Company, Cornish Songs by Con Brio and an exhibition of Miners LIves at Stuart House, which will run until August 2nd completed the day.

History of Phoenix Mine walk setts off

Wild West Liskeard walk pauses at the town mural

Heart of the Seam. Play it Again Theatre Company involve the audience during their performance

Con Brio sang a lively programme of Cornish Songs

This was also the weekend which saw the start of the latest consultation on the Neighbourhood Development Plan. Questionnaires to every household and a series of 3 exhibitions (10th, 11th and 12th) in different parts of the parish to explain the background to our policies. These were well attended and questionnaires are coming in to the 6 collection points.

In Truro the Chief Executive has been addressing each Portfolio Advisory Committee on the Strategy for the future of Cornwall Council. I understand abouth the need to save money (£196 million we are told) over the coming 4 years but what worries me is that there will be items amongst the cuts which every councillor will be vehemently opposed to; and we shall still be powerless to stop them. There is still no mechanism for councillors, the 113 not in the Cabinet, to influence decision making and to my mind that means that Cornwall Council is not democratic.  I have fought this system  for the last 3 years at least and will keep trying to get it changed, but I do feel very disheartened by the lack of any progress.


Today I have been to St Cleer Carnival on the Sportsfield. Such a pity that there were not more entries in the classes but well done to all who did. A special well done to Darite with their Sprites entry which showed real effort and imagination. The quality of refreshments was excellent, so good in fact that I was forced to have a second piece of cake as the choices were just too tempting.