Our Budget Proposals

Our Proposals for the 2013-14 budget

– A council tax freeze for a third straight year
– No cuts to frontline services
– Investment to repair our roads
– Investment in our youth services to cut anti-social behaviour
– Cuts to parking charges
– More money for beach cleaning and litter picking – a spring clean for Cornwall

The Tory Council Leader’s budget promises more cuts and higher bills.

How we would pay for these

We will cut expenditure on consultants and agency staff by up to 25%. This will not include those providing front line social care

We would reverse the £200K increase in the Communications budget and cut a further £200k. As this is overall only a 6% cut it will cut the waste and make the department more efficient

We would set the target for Council Tax collection at the level of success this year (97,7%)

These may seem like insignificant savings but ar enough to pay for the measures we wish to see implemented