Such a long time

Yes it is a long time since a posted anything to my website.

The last time I was wondering what the year might bring and it has been eventful.  The General Election came and saw the Liberal Democrats reduced by a huge number in Parliament. As expected really – we no longer got the protest votes having been part of the coalition – but that is the price we expected to pay for acting in the best interests of the country. If we had not signed up to a firm 5 year coalition government there would not have been the stability which enabled us to weather the financial crisis as we have and the Tories would have gone a lot further with their cuts to Welfare in those years as they are now doing, without any counter to their wishes.

I was very sorry that Phil Hutty was not elected. A really good man who cares passionately both about people and South East Cornwall. A social worker who gave up his job to commit entirely to fighting the election, I am glad that he managed to find employment again.

Cornwall Council does not become any more democratic and I remain even more convinced that every trip to Truro, especially for full council meetings is a waste of time. The only good thing is, that I can work for my Parishes within the structure and the people of the area who come to me with problems.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan was withdrawn by the Parish Council 3 days before the end of the final formal consultation period and close to going to examination by a planning inspector. Had this not happened we would probably by now have been through the referendum and have the strength of policy to support us against Wain Homes. However this was not to be and the process of an amended plan grinds slowly on. The recent consultation was not fit for purpose having been highly biased toward one view, which was also publicised widely without any information on the alternatives.

Last week I went to St Neot to the Licensing of the new Priest Rev Philip Biggs. He will work for 2 days and Sunday each week. The vicarage at St Neot had been vacant for a year prior to this. Philip is a very friendly person and I am sure will very soon be part of the fabric of the community. St Cleer is also without a Vicar at the moment but I understand that one will be appointed when the Statement of Need is received from the Parochial Church Council. The new vicar when appointed will work across the 4 parishes of St Cleer, St Ive, St Neot and Warleggan and Philip will also cover the same area as Associate Priest.

At the end of this week Darite will have the long-awaited reopening of the newly refurbished Village Hall. This promises to be a great celebration, which I am loking forward to.