Taxing Communities and erosion of services

The administration must stop using communities and the necessities of rural life as ways of raising money.

To ask community halls to pay Business Rates even at a small percentage is wrong, as they all struggle to survive as organisations and keep their facilities in good order.

To ask those (probably the same small group) who organise carnivals and community events to pay for traffic management when most of the labour is voluntary will help to make life even more difficult and possibly stop these events in the future.

Car parking is regarded as an income generator rather than as a public service (vital in rural areas where bus services are poor or totally lacking)

The constant erosion of services where they are recommissioned (outsourced – often to the voluntary sector) with a lower standard to save even more money is also a cause for concern.

The way in which democratic decisions are disregarded by Cabinet and Directors is also wrong. I will not offer an opinion on the ongoing procurement of support services but the way the vote of the full council was immediately ignored is a symptom of the failings of the current governance of Cornwall Council.