What will the year hold.

I cant believe that it is so long since I wrote anything on here. In self defence I must say that the amount of work required to get the St Cleer Neighbourhood Development Plan finished and ready to submit to Cornwall Council was huge. At times it seemed to take over my whole life. But now it is done (apart from the need to respond to input from CC officers who are being very helpful)

The changes to the governance of CC and the structure of meetings which we agreed at the end of last year seems to have pleased very few – there is still no way we, as Councillors, can do anything about Cabinet decisions even if almost all of us feel they are wrong and the work of the committees has been reduced drastically, which means even less opportunity to be involved before decisions are taken.

St Cleer Parish             I am pleased to say that work is about to start on the upgrading and refurbishment of the toilets in the car park behind the Church. Funded mostly by a grant from Viridor Credits we hope that when complete people will find they are a great improvement and that they will continue to be a place of usefullness to the Parish

Suzanne Horsfield is raising money towards the rebuild of the Childerns Play Area behind the Memorial Hall. The hope is that the Community will raise 10% of the cost and grant money be obtained to help with the cost. There will be a similar contribution from the Parish Council.

I promise to do better this year and keep this site updated more regularly.

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